Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists serve individuals and families by treating disorders involving speech, voice, language, communication, and swallowing. Services provided by the speech pathology staff at Titusville Area Hospital (TAH) include the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up services for pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics.

Speech therapy services include:

  • Speech -Includes disorders of articulation
  • Language – Includes developmental and acquired disorders of receptive and expressive communication skills.
  • Swallowing Disorder/Dysphagia – Difficulty with chewing or swallowing. Diagnostic testing may include a Modified Barium Swallow (MBS).
  • Cognitive Aspects of Communication – Includes cognitive disorders associated with language such as memory, thought organization, attention, and processing of information.
  • Voice Disorders – Includes impairments related to vocal performance such as pitch, volume, breath support, and vocal hygiene. An ENT diagnosis is required prior to treatment for voice therapy.
  • Fluency – Includes disorders related to stuttering, cluttering, and the overall rate of speech.
  • Social Aspects of Communication – Ineffective social skills, lack of communication opportunities, poor interactive skills
  • Family/Caregiver Education – related to communication and swallowing disorders
  • Alternative Communication Techniques -Includes identifying the most optimal means of communication such as communication devices and aids and/or gesturing/sign language.
  • Auditory Processing – Includes disorders related to the ability to process information that has been given verbally.

For more information about speech therapy services or to schedule an appointment call 814-827-1851 x3830. Speech therapy services at TAH are by appointment only.

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