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Accepted Insurance and Assistance

When being admitted to Titusville Area Hospital, patients are asked a few questions regarding their insurance plan. To expedite this process, please bring any relevant health insurance cards with you. A photo ID will be required so we can affirm your identity.

Although insurance does not always cover the entirety of your bill, the health and safety of people coming to us for help comes before anything else. Do not hesitate to receive the medical care you need because of financial concerns. When all is said and done, a payment plan can always be worked out at some point.

Available Options for Financial Assistance and Insurance

Financial Assistance

Providing quality health care is our primary goal. To help patients who may have difficulty paying for hospital bills, we offer financial assistance programs.

Medicare & Blue Cross

Our office will directly bill these programs, and payment will be made directly to us. Visit the Medicare FAQs page for more information.

Commercial Insurance

Pending an authorization signed by you, we directly bill commercial insurance providers. If the insurance does not cover the entire bill, this will be indicated under “Self-Pay” on your bill.

Medical Assistance

If you receive medical assistance, please bring your medical card when you are admitted to the hospital, otherwise, you will be billed directly.

Secondary Medical Assistance

If you received care from a facility or medical professional affiliated with TAH, you may receive a separate bill from both entities if each played a role in your healthcare.

Health Insurance Navigator

A courtesy service for patients, we offer assistance from a health insurance navigator who can help you understand what your insurance will and will not cover. For more information call Lisa Cox at 814-333-1758.

AblePay Health members can save up to 13% on their out-of-pocket medical expenses (deductibles and coinsurance). This program is NO-COST and works with any primary health insurance, including Medicare. You can also include family members on your AblePay Account.

Other Billing and Finance Information

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