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Comprehensive Diagnostic Test Services

Outpatient laboratories are popular services that provide patients with a convenient method of receiving diagnostic tests without requiring a hospital stay. With one quick visit, patients can receive a myriad of tests that provide doctors with important information. These tests, in addition to physical examinations, offer a comprehensive overview of the patient’s overall health.

Blood and body fluids provide valuable information that are unobtainable through other means. With regular diagnostic lab testing, patients are in a prime spot to receive early diagnosis and treatment for potential issues.

Lab Services

  • Hematology – Blood cell analysis
  • Microbiology – Growth of abnormal bacteria and fungus
  • Blood Bank – Match of donor units with patients in need of blood transfusions
  • Pathology – Diagnosis of abnormal, primarily cancerous, cells by processing tissues from surgery
  • Chemistry / Special Chemistry – Diagnosis and treatment by using serum to analyze chemical components and enzymes
  • Serology / Immunology – Detection of specific disease states by using antigen antibody reactions
  • Urinalysis – Conducting chemical and microscopic exams of urine for diagnostic purposes

A physician order is required to draw your blood. Most lab tests can be completed during normal business hours without an appointment. Some tests do require fasting. Your physician’s office should indicate if fasting is necessary for the testing. In some cases, specimens may be collected at home and dropped off at the testing facility.

Contact Titusville and Oil City Outpatient Labs

Titusville Area Hospital

Monday–Friday:  7:30 am–4:30 pm
Saturday:  8:00 am–12:00 pm

Phone: 814-827-1852 x 5240

Oil City

Monday–Thursday: 8:00–10:00 am
Phone: 814-676-0431

Please contact your physician and not the lab(s) if you are awaiting results!

Outpatient Lab Locations

Aerial view of Titusville Area Hospital
Titusville Area Hospital
406 West Oak Street, Titusville, PA, 16354
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