Financial Assistance

Plans to Aid Your Medical Payments

At Titusville Area Hospital, we have a mission to provide people with high quality healthcare regardless of their financial situation. The financial assistance program allows people of our community to receive the care they need even when they do not have the resources to pay for it. To qualify for this program, a patient must have limited health insurance, is ineligible for Medicare and Medicaid, and can demonstrate their need for financial assistance. 

Financial Assistance Application

The following linked pdf document contains the financial assistance application and instructions on how to complete it.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance

At this time, financial assistance is available to patients in need of emergency services and non-elective services for life-threatening conditions. We also work with patients on a case by case basis who have important medical needs. Patients requesting assistance will be given a form in which they provide us with information on their financial assistance. In this way, we can work out a custom plan that works for their individual needs.

Please be aware that patients normally do not qualify for financial assistance until they have applied for, and been denied federal and state assistance programs. If you have not applied, or have been denied before, our financial counselors can help apply for Pennsylvania Medicaid.

If you receive services from a healthcare provider affiliated with TAH, but not directly employed by us, we do not have the right to influence how much they charge.

Financial Assistance Policy and Summary

We provide patients with free access to a health insurance navigator to help them understand their rights to health coverage and financial assistance and have the following pdf document available for the financial assistance policy and plain language summary.

Please call 814-827-1851 if you have any questions.

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