All are Welcome to our Expert Healthcare Services

Titusville Area Hospital admits patients of all ages, races, sex, and faith to all of our facilities and services. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by a friendly, compassionate staff ready to help you or your loved one obtain the care you need. If you have time to prepare before coming, please be sure to speak with your insurance provider to fully understand what they will and will not cover under your policy. This will expedite the admissions process and save you some frustration. If you need help, we do have access to insurance advisors who can assist you.

What to Bring With You

  • A family member or friend – Having a close friend or family member come with you to the hospital can help alleviate some anxiety you may have, and provide a second pair of ears for important information relayed by the staff.
  • A copy of your medical history (if we do not have it already) – If this information has not been forwarded ahead of time, please bring a copy of your medical history, or at least information as to how we can obtain it. This can make a significant different in your care.
  • A list of medications you take regularly – In order to avoid giving you a drug or sedative that can be disturbed by your medication, we need to what drugs or herbal supplements you already take. Please mention over the counter medicine like aspirin as well.
  • A list of questions – You likely have a few questions about what your stay will be like. We encourage you to write these questions down and ask them during admission. You do have a say in how your care is facilitated. If you are not a native-English speaker, please inform the clerk you need language assistance.
  • Advance Directives – An advance directive is a set of instructions for your healthcare providers that instructs them how you would like your care to proceed should you be incapacitated. These can also be used to assign your care decisions to a trusted friend or loved one.
  • Photo ID and insurance cards – We will need these to verify your identity and insurance coverage.

What to Leave at Home

  • Valuables – It is recommended you bring no more than 5 dollars cash with you to the hospital. Please leave jewelry, credit cards, and other valuable objects at home.
  • Tobacco products – For the comfort and safety of our patients, please do not bring any tobacco products on hospital grounds.
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