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Patient Feedback at Titusville Area Hospital

We want our patients to be active in their healthcare management. Through Titusville Area Hospital’s patient relations, you have an easy way to express thoughts or concerns about your treatment. Patients have access to a patient representative whose primary job is to hear out feedback and express patient concerns to the appropriate hospital staff.

As you are discharged from the hospital, you may be given a brief questionnaire. This is a convenient opportunity to relay any thoughts about how your care was facilitated and guide the growth of our hospital. We always strive to provide the highest quality healthcare to the people of our community.

Working with a Patient Representative

The patient representative is your healthcare advocate. Their job is to ensure your treatment is meeting your expectations. Patients sometimes feel intimidated informing their doctor of certain concerns they have, and feel more comfortable working with these staff members. If the patient is dissatisfied with their treatment, the complaint may be relayed to the grievance committee, who thoroughly investigate the matter.

Your patient representative can help facilitate:

  • Notary public services
  • Searching for missing items through the lost and found department
  • Reviewing patient surveys
  • Organizing living wills and powers of attorney

Your Input Matters

Healthcare improves through patient feedback. Any thoughts on what was done well or what could be improved are greatly appreciated. Should you feel that your concerns were not listened to, that is something we want to know about immediately. If, for any reason, your concerns cannot be addressed by either patient relations or the grievance department, reach out to the Pennsylvania Department of Health at 800-254-5164.

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