Specialty Pain Service FAQ

Titusville Area Hospital

Has a doctor recently recommended you receive specialty pain management? It is natural to have questions about what this involves. Here we provide a brief overview of what you can expect from the treatment. We hope this will help alleviate anxiety you may have about the process and let you walk into the clinic with confidence.

What can I expect my first day?

First, a medical professional will evaluate your condition. It is recommended you bring a copy of you medical history to assist this process. A physical assessment will also be administered to measure what your body is capable of. Afterwards, the team will discuss your goals with you and devise a multi-disciplinary treatment plan.

What will treatment involve?

This varies from patient to patient depending on the condition and their physical capability. Generally, treatment includes a combination of medication, injections, behavioral services, and physical therapy.

Some treatments include:

  • Nerve blocks
  • Trigger-point injections
  • Radiofrequency neurolysis
  • Spinal cord stimulators
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Stress management
  • Pain management counseling
  • Custom exercise programs

Are injections necessary?

We understand many people have apprehension about receiving injections. Not all treatments will require injections, but for those that do, patients are sedated beforehand to help them relax. Injections may be uncomfortable, but not exceedingly painful. If you know you will be receiving injection, please avoid taking aspirin for 7 days ahead of time.

What is behavioral therapy?

Chronic pain is definitely a physical condition, and should not be dismissed. Behavioral therapy does not insist that the pain is not real, rather, it takes the approach that mental techniques can be used in conjunction with physical treatments to mitigate the pain. Stress is proven to worsen a patient’s condition, and the feeling of helplessness that accompanies many of these conditions makes dealing with stress more difficult. Relaxation therapies and counseling services provide useful mental tools that make dealing with pain easier.

How do i schedule an appointment?

A physician’s referral is necessary before you can schedule an appointment at the Titusville Area Hospital specialty pain management center.

Is special pain management covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies do cover this service, and our clinics will accept most of them. Be sure to check with your insurance policy and contact the pain management center to learn more.